20 January 2010

I have to see about this woman

Why was this blog not finished in real time? Well I lost it in Damascus. I succumbed to my fears, concerning me, a certain blonde lady and the (im)possibility of a combined future. The best I can do to explain is to refer to a scene from Good Will Hunting from Gus van Sant. Will’s (Matt Damon) shrink tells him that he missed a historic ball play because he had to ‘see about this girl’ (which he married and loved madly until she died from cancer). The film ends showing Will, posting a note in the mailbox of his shrink. The note says:” Tell the professor I have the job, but I will not be in on Monday, because I have to see about this girl.”.

Well, I was in Damascus and I had to see about ‘this girl’ in Belgium. I am, however, not a character in a film, so the possibility of a combined future appeared to be non-existing.

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